It Doesn’t Take much. . .

tablets-345941_1920It usually doesn’t take much to make me happy, excited even. Yesterday, I was outright thrilled by a short entry in the formulary I received from my new health insurance company.

As I was thumbing through it, looking to see if my meds were all covered, I found the heading “Fibromyalgia Agents.”There were only three medications listed: Duloxetine(Cymbalta), Lyrica and Savella, but I got so excited.

Just a few short years ago there were no meds that specifically helped Fibromyalgia; I only found out that Lyrica helped my fibromyalgia symptoms because a neurologist put me on it to help slow down my brain after I had a traumatic brain injury. I also take Cymbalta-for me it helps with depression and back pain.

I have no experience with Savella, but I know it was specifically formulated to treat fibromyalgia. As you all know there are many other meds we take to help the chronic pain and fatigue, but for now the three listed are a vast improvement.

The second reason I was so happy to see that heading is because  it means that my new insurance company counts fibromyalgia as a real illness. For too many years people with fibro have had to put up with not being taken seriously by the medical community.

We still need to help educate more health care providers and for certain there needs to be more time and dollars spent on fibromyalgia research, but there’s been some positive movement on our behalves and that makes me very happy.



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Eleven years ago I was in a car accident in which I suffered a traumatic brain injury. Within three months I was also diagnosed with Fibromyalgia. Four years later I was slammed by Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. I started this blog in hopes of creating a community of people with chronic pain or disabling medical conditions. My hope is that this community will share ideas and thoughts as we explore our lives and medical conditions.

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