So Far. . .


This quote is from actor/director Leah Remini.

I love this quote! It is so encouraging. It allows us to turn our truth around and look at it from a new direction.


Dreary days with damp weather. . .


For weeks now in Spokane, WA it has been gray and cloudy with rain and/or wet snow. This kind of weather is so difficult for me and for many, many others.

Physically, I have increased pain and the wet cold seems to seep into my bones. I just want to huddle under a soft blanket.  My meds seem less effective; they just can’t beat the cold. Mentally, I feel depressed, as if the gray clouds are pressing down on me. Outside it is wet and muddy and the trees and bushes are bare; the colors of the world seem wiped down to gray and brown.

I try very hard to keep busy, but I frequently succumb to the depression and pain. I find I am better in the evenings and will often make one or more pieces of jewelry after dinner. Sometimes I work on my coloring books during the evenings and truthfully, I’ve been spending a lot of time playing Solitaire on my computer. When I go to bed I snuggle up with a good book and read until I’m sleepy.

Since I try really hard not to feel angry at myself when I have a depressed or painful day I am constantly reassuring myself that it’s okay to have a “lazy” day. After years of illness, I’m still so hard on myself(which is not good for the depression!).

Does the winter landscape bother you? What do you do to keep active? How do you ward off the pain and/or depression? Please share your thoughts on this subject!